For Newbies

Read this feed on the Business2Blogger on how to avoid simple & Common mistakes  most new bloggers make, then follow them. The space has wonderful tips and great business information about blogs websites and more!

Here is where I will post anything new I find on this blogging business. I don't know how much reading I've put in- in the last few weeks just to get this area to look the way it does. I know what you're thinking "is this the best you can do?" hehehe

Yes, when it comes to all this blogging, tweeting, tribbing and everything else that's out there. Trust me I'm impressed I can actually see all this on this space. I till have lots to learn and lots to do.

Rules of engagement for beginners:
1. If you want to leave any kind of impression in networking you must, read, read read!
2. Learn from others' mistakes or should I say impressions online.
3. Don't be be afraid to ask questions -that's what the experts are there for.
4. Jump right in and begin reading, writing and creating.

More to follow...